S T A R T E R S MEZE (Minimum 2 persons) Meze’s are one of the most delightful features of Middle Eastern food, to be enjoyed in an unhurried way. The custom is to enjoy a large selection in small quantities. Meze’s are meant to whet your appetite and so are usually strongly flavoured and aromatic, either highly spiced, garlicky or sharp with lemon. They are intriguing, amusing, colourful and pleasing in every way. We put a great deal of effort into making our meze’s for you. What kind of dishes do we serve? All kinds - hot and cold from little stuffed vegetables and pastries, to varying salads and dips - and all served with hot, fresh pitta bread. Price per person £7.95 HUMUS Crushed chick - peas blended with tahini, olive oil and a kiss of garlic. £4.95 HUMUS KAVURMA Humus served with pan fried fillet of lamb and roasted pine nuts. £6.25 SAKSUKA Lightly sautéed aubergine tossed in a tomato, onion and garlic sauce served warm. £5.25 KIZARTMA Lightly fried aubergines, courgettes, peppers and carrots covered with a yoghurt and garlic sauce. £4.95 CACIK Creamed yoghurt with diced cucumber and a touch of garlic. £4.95 YAPRAK DOLMASI Vine leaves stuffed with rice and pine nuts. £4.75DANA SOGUSH Strips of chargrilled marinated steak tossed with mixed salad in a spicy lemon and coriander dressing. £10.50 Also available as a main course. £17.50 SUCUK A traditional spicy sausage, chargrilled. £5.75 HELLIM Chargrilled goat’s cheese. £5.25 BOREKLER Filo pastries filled with: Feta cheese £4.75 Feta cheese and spinach £4.95 KARISHIK TAVA Chicken & fish goujons served with a cream chilli dip. £6.95 PATLICAN KIZARTMA Lightly fried aubergine slices topped with seasoned onions, yoghurt, feta cheese and finished in the oven. £6.25 TAVUK KIZARTMA Deep fried spicy chicken wings served with a yoghurt and garlic sauce. £4.75 SARIMSAKLI KARIDES King prawns sautéed lightly in garlic butter. £8.95 GUNUN CHORBASI Soup of the day. £4.50 All our starters are served with fresh hot pitta bread