NARGILE RESTAURANT LUNCH MENU - TWO COURSES FOR £8.95 STARTERS sOUP OF THE DAY HUMUS CRUSHED CHICK – PEAS BLENDED WITH TAHINI, OLIVE OIL AND A KISS OF GARLIC SUCUK A TRADITIONAL SPICY SAUSAGE, CHARGRILLED BOREK FILO PASTRIES FILLED WITH FETA CHEESE AND HERBS TAVUK KIZARTMA DEEP FRIED SPICY CHICKEN WINGS SERVED WITH A YOGHURT AND GARLIC SAUCE MAIN COURSES PILICH IZGARA MARINATED SUPREME OF CHICKEN SKEWERED AND CHARGRILLED KARNIYARIK AUBERGINE STUFFED WITH SEASONED MINCE, BAKED AND SERVED WITH YOGHURT PILICH SPECIAL CHOPPED PITTA COVERED WITH YOGHURT, LAYERED WITH SLICES OF MARINATED CHICKEN SUPREME COVERED WITH HALEP AND BUTTER SAUCE PATLICAN OTURTMA LIGHTLY FRIED AUBERGINES FINISHED IN A TOMATO AND BASIL SAUCE, SERVED ON A BED OF PASTA AND TOPPED WITH FETA CHEESE AND BLACK OLIVES NOHUT PILAKI CHICKPEAS COOKED WITH CARROTS, POTATOES, ONIONS AND PEPPERS IN A DELICATELY FLAVOURED TOMATO SAUCE TAVUKLU MAKARNA PENNE PASTA WITH CHARGRILLED SUPREME OF CHICKEN, MUSHROOMS, WHITE WINE AND CREAM SAUCE  VEZIR SOFRASI (EXTENTION MEZE) £9.95 per person A suggested option for a light lunch supper offering an extension of our popular meze. Meze's are one of the most delightful features of Middle Eastern food, to be enjoyed in an unhurried way. The custom is to enjoy a large selection in small quantities. Meze's are meant to whet your appetite and so are usually strongly flavored and aromatic, either highly spiced, garlicky or sharp with lemon. They are intriguing, amusing, colorful and pleasing in every way. We put a great deal of effort into making our meze's for you. What kind of dishes do we serve? All kinds - hot and cold from little stuffed vegetables and pastries, Patlican Kizartma (Lightly fried aubergine slices topped with seasoned onions, yoghurt, feta cheese and finished in the oven), to varying salads and dips - and all served with hot, fresh pitta bread.